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Originally Posted by txirrigation View Post
I was short on time so to expand on this:

The RB multi stream is greatly effected by small variations in pressure, which causes it to defeat the purpose of a multi stream nozzle. The purpose is to deliver large drops of water in a controlled manner so it will be effected less by wind. A 10 psi difference will cause the nozzle to boat tail, or in low pressure not even pop up. Also multi streams were supposed to be used to deliver water slowly, but the precip rate is high on the RB.

Like I said, JUNK. I have been trying to find a serious competitor to the Hunter MP but it has not come out yet. I would like to see the Toro multi's in action, I cannot speak to those yet.
Of course, they recommend using the R-VAN with a PRS-45 body.

But I have seen the RBRs spin ridiculously fast at high pressure. I have the RBRs in my front yard (rectangle, southern exposure) and MP Rotators in the back (shadier, north side of the house).
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