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Originally Posted by ringahding View Post
Since February the phone has been ringing off the hook! Jobs we could do, we had NO time to do. So I too had to come up with a plan, idea to service these calls. I am not one to leave jobs on the table, but have no problem saying no.

Building connections with actual owners relating to our industry has benefited me personally and them as well.

Leads I get will either be forwarded to a "Partner", in exchange for $$$ or help on properties we service or services they do not provide will be sent to us.

The up sell has been endless & rewarding for all of us at the same time. Getting your ducks in a row is a challenge. You will get burnt a couple times when reaching out to another owner, but the weeding out process is that of hiring an employee or getting rid of the bad paying customer.

Once you find others you can trust it needs to be in writing that there is "No Compete" in each others area.

Landscaping speak: Do you normally ask the customer for 1/2 the $$$ down before any work is to begin? Okay, get half of the $$$ from the sub for your lead then or some compensation. No excuses! !
I was gonna put something but I misread so I'm retracting my statement.

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