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I had them bring a Demo out to me. I plan to purchase one at some point. Probably before the end of the year if the accountant says so.

It seemed to remove material very fast, the blade stays cool, and you hardly have to hold onto the blade. We currently have a very good blade grinder but it seems like some blades will vibrate you like crazy and others will be very smooth in it for me anyway.

Another nice thing about it is you can run the tip of the blade over the slack portion quick to dull it down a bit. You dont want blades razor sharp so we generally file them to take the razor edge off. But this is so much quicker also.

Only 2 things I dont like about it. One is there is no way to easily collect the debris. Yah they show that nice magnet thing picking it up but I dont want the stuff flying everywhere. Would like something that channels it into a hose or something that a shopvac could suck up.

The other thing was the angle it seems to sharpen at is a bit different than our current grinder and what most off the shelf blades seem to be cut at.
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