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Originally Posted by dstifel View Post
Only time i have gotten kickbacks is when the work was nothing to do with what i did. I take care of what is now 200 acres of undeveloped land that gets about 10 houses put on it a year. I got my old high school coach who now owns a construction company the contract to develop the whole development. He gives me 5% of anything he makes in the development for the next 5 years. Not because i asked him to but because its a respect thing. THis development will make him millions over the next couple years that he would have not made without me. On top of that i get all of the dirt work, landscaping, and sod. The sod i will more then likely sub out haven't checked into how much it cost to buy or own the machine to move the big rolls.
see thats how you should do it like you said respect, i would never go out and give people jobs left and right with nothing in return but thats me. hopefullly you both can make alot off that property!
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