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The problem isn't figuring out how to tell size, the problem is a business owner has to know without devices and contraptions, free of technology and mumbo-jumbo, what it is they speak of... The more the business owner surrounds him or herself with aids and devices, the more it looks like someone has training wheels on their bicycle... We can talk about it all day, but the instant a customer realizes you don't know what you are talking about, you're just the next piece of game on an open range...
They will shoot you down and no contraption is going to help, you either know, or you don't.

Better off, if you don't know, admit it.
That is how I find the fastest way to learn how to tell how big a property is, is to ask the homeowner, it works real good especially after one or more lies to you, I promise you will be studying that property so hard and soon there isn't a piece of land you can't tell the size just by gazing at it.

Because you go on out there with these measuring devices, you might look real experienced, and you might look the fool all the same. Thing is they will take advantage of you if you are new, no way around that, might as well get it over with.

Then tell the homeowner how big the land is you're looking at and be so sure of yourself they don't argue, that says something about who has been where, they won't mess you around much after that.

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