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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
Pitbikes are fun to mess around on thats for sure.

Does your buddy that has the track race at all? That'd be an awesome set up have at your house.
$1200 for 1400 miles. Ouch. It was about $1250 for us with 1800 miles each way and burned a tank when we were down there, took my parents 01 2500 Suburban w/ 6.0. Got 13-14mpg.
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yah he's been riding since a little kid, he raced nema, and nemx for a little bit, tough to do paying your own way, not having your parents help out at all. and yah the fuel economy was about 8mpg on the way down, towing a 38' boat weighing 15,000 on a triple axle trailer with a 08 f450 crew cab long bed dually is about as big as you can get, lotta of tolls, they saw him coming and raised the prices probably because they knew he would just pay it and go. while down there he bought 24's for his truck and they stick out about 6" on each side of the dually fender so it has about 3" to spare maybe only 2 on each side before it doesn't fit through a toll booth. also the truck has 4.88 gears in it so it was turning about 3000rpm for 2.5hrs which is how often he had to fill up.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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