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Originally Posted by zechstoker View Post
Strangely enough, my customers complain if I don't use it. They're all accustomed to looking for and seeing the blue dye which confirms that I did in fact spray their weeds. I've actually had customers call and question me because they came home and didn't see any blue, and thought I had skipped them that day because of it. That was a rare occasion that I didn't have any to add to the tank mix.
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I keep using it for the same reason. I first started using it when burning out a yard for sod replacement, then figured out it would allow me to make sure I hit all weeds in the beds and did not miss any. I have never looked back...if I run out...I do have customers questions if I sprayed that week. For that reason alone it is worth it because here weeds can go from hardly any in the bed to full out invasion in a week. If they see we sprayed they know we did out job and it saves a phone call.

William - if it rubbed off on the cat - you might be missing it too strong. I used the concentrate , which literally just requires a drop per gallon. My helper went to miss some up for me while I was blowing off a driveway one day and did not realize that I had switched to the concentrate and added the normal amount . There was blue everywhere even next week when we showed up. Too strong.
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