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Originally Posted by scagrider22 View Post
How do you like Dynascape, is it easy to learn? Do you need CAD experiece, which dynascape program do you have?
Well think about it, you take measurements home, or to the office, you pull out the 11x17 drafting paper, and now you start with a ruler and pencil, marking out the perimeter of the house, then you take the plastic templates and draw the squiggly line to mimic the edge of the walkway and flowerbed, but wait a minute its not quite right, so a little bit of whiteout ok maybe alot of whiteout and that line is fixed. Oh damn spilled a bit of coffee on it, start over..... hahaha I remember those days well.

Ya I love it, for more than that, its a complete tool, measures and makes it a breeze to calculate materials. As long as you follow those measurements and your original measurements are accurate there is hardly a brick left over at times. Clients love it as well, but now I'm real selective about who I leave a plan with.

I had no computer experience when I started dynascape in '99 now its like putting a pen in hand.. only quicker. Here is an example of one drawing and then the real thing. Trees were just planted and next year its a gazebo and shrubery.
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