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I guess that's one way to do it. I always have a few hundred in my pocket, no matter where I am. Been doing that for a long, long time. Never had a problem. Even in Mexico or other areas we've traveled to, never had a problem.

I guess I don't have a problem with this for several reasons. One, I'm a little more stout that most guys. So I guess they think twice about trying to stick me up. Second, I'm not going to run around my entire life afraid of what might happen - but probably won't happen. And three, that's not a lot of money. If I lose $300 or $400, it's not that big of a deal. I wouldn't be happy about it. But it's not like we wouldn't eat or pay the mortgage that month. We'd still be just fine.

Back on the subject of this thread - there are a few owners of larger landscape companies that make more than some doctors - but not many. Maybe the top 1% or less of landscape owners. We do pretty well. But I can tell that most doctors still make more than me because they always live in just a little nicer homes in a little nicer neighborhoods.
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