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I do both the full cleanups and removals, and just the curbside pickups. The curbside pickups are great because you can add them in between the cleanups and fill your day in. While the crew is finishing a cleanup, I go do a pickup and fill in the day. I don't really have a problem with debris and junk in the piles, the worst I get is a few sticks and sometimes a plant or two. We've got a lot of trees around here, and a lot of leaves. Yet some people insist on doing the work themselves, but don't want to bag them up. Doing the curbside pickup works well, imo.

It usually takes me about 30 min to do a removal. Normally I base my labor charges on $60 an hour, but I have a minimum of $60 per removal. Unless they're really small. We get to dump for free, and there compost place is pretty central in town so there's not much of a travel.

My biggest issue is the wet leaves that people pile up and leave there for a while. And/or the leaves people pile in the streets, whcih then end up getting soggy and wet. Wet leaves suck, especially wet oak leaves.
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