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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
I posted this in the regular herbicide forum but got no response, thought I would give it a try here. To be specific I am trying to knock some wild violet in St Aug. Normally I would use Metsulfuron if the grass were actively growing but I am worried about damage since the SA is not growing. I'm in south Arkansas and our temps are lows in the 30's to highs mid 60's. The SA is still green but growth has slowed from none to little. I figure the SA in Florida doesn't go totally dormant but growth slows considerably from what I have read. What if anything do you apply under these conditions?
ArTurf: Wild Violets grow from a nitrogen nodule below soil surface. Most of your supplies will not effect them now since most of the violet is also dormant. Try a little "Old Atrazine" but it probably will not effect them or just wait till spring.
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