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Get more commercial accounts that offer year round payments.

Work does slow down but it really never stops. Many of the guys want to take a 2 or 3 week vacation starting Christmas.

Through the season I can often bank jobs with some clients.

Late Fall and early winter are ideal times for low limb removal in parking lots. Transplants, new plantings. Mid to late winter is when you cut back perennials including Crape Myrtles and bunch grasses. Late winter to early spring is when you Core aerate and put down some pre-emergent as well as corrective pruning and heavy shearing on shrubs. Next thing you know it is off to the races again mowing.

There is work to keep the guys off UE but you need to work on getting it for them. Save money all season too and be willing to throw in an extra 50 to 100 a pay period so they can pay their bills if there is a shortage of work because of weather or it is just slow. It is harder on you because you can not just say here is your mowing route and go back doing something else. You often have to hold their hands when it is residential work clean up.

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