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Originally Posted by AztlanLC View Post
Can u send me a screen shot?
Sure as soon as I receive the check for the deposit or if u write it now I can email it right now. That is my answer all the time.
This is hard to tell someone who you've worked for in the past, but that was the past and now its only a select few who I send a screen shot.
Most people want to believe that they will be getting the same work, one contractor whom they know is good and reliable they are comparing to a new kid on the block and they want to believe so much that they are getting the same thing but for thousands less.

A guy I know from karate asked me for a quote, I didn't even want to bother with it but I told him I'd go check it out. He had a patio done about 2 yrs earlier that he wanted me to extend and then another small patio where he could set a small bar. The existing patio was done so poorly so I recommended we remove it and redo the cutting as well, I mean there were 2" gaps between the soldier on the sharp curves and the cuts were literally pathetic. I didn't go on about it except to say with our attention to detail the two patios would clash. Long story short, he got someone else I never even heard of at almost exactly half price, his words to me were "why would I pay you x amount if I can get the same thing for half the price". Didn't bother me in the least.
Funny part is he is a "friend" on facebook and he was showing off the patio from start to finish. This job I had accounted 2 days 3 men maximum. It took this company one week with 4 men and they made a mess of it. At one point they recommended that he remove the old patio because the base wasn't any good, so they had to charge him more for it, then they reinstalled the brick but parts of it were upside down. #%@%hilarious to say the least. You see if this company had any real hardscape time under their belt they would of know that even though you can lay some brick (brussels block) both sides, if the stone is sitting on stone dust for more than a year or so it takes on a very dull whitish color that is highly noticeable when installed "upside down". Just hilarious really, #%#^# hilarious.
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