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It sounds awful complicated at first but it's really not that bad once you understand how it works, unfortunately this understanding is fairly required in order to proceed along the lines of what you speak of, I will explain as best I can what follows.

What you speak of refers to the maintenance of the property on which such a store sits, hence you most likely won't be dealing with the folks who own or manage a specific shop because those stores rarely sit on their own lot, most often they are located in a strip mall along with other shops... Then the stores usually fall under an umbrella corporation such as an LLC who in turn owns the shop(s) but you simply are referring to the anchor, or the main business in that strip mall, it is important at this stage to remember that neither the folks who work there nor the umbrella corporation own the lot itself and thus they are not responsible for it.

The strip mall is usually owned by a realty company, the businesses such as the one you speak of lease the space their store occupies from said company, and that company usually sub-contracts the maintenance to a property maintenance company who in turn contracts Lco's to take care of things.

So you'll need to get in touch with the property maintenance company that has been hired to sub-contract out said maintenance to guys like yourself by the realtor company who owns the lot itself, in conclusion the people who would hire and in turn pay you would be the property maintenance guys, in some cases a phone call to the realty company may be helpful.

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