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For example (all factual information such as business names and address I made up):

A McDonald's sits at the address 12,050 Farnly Road.
But they do not own that lot, the parking lot, the grass, probably not even the building.

The McD's itself is owned by Nutritional Flappers LLC, that is who likely leases the building, the equipment, is responsible for paying the employees and so on.
However, the lot the building sits on is owned by WeRentThisToYou Realtors
Who may even own the building itself, they then lease the lot and the building to Nutritional Flappers LLC

And WeRentThisToYou in turn subcontracts the maintenance out...
But not directly to you, they don't want to do nothing involving much actual work, they just want to pay someone to take care of everything and I mean everything!
So they have some guys by the name of Whatever Property maintenance company.
Those guys don't do any of the actual work either.
But they hire it out to folks such as us, they pay us, they agree to the terms, and so on.

It is a bit strange, a lot of crap rolls down hill and it starts at the top and hits several tiers before it even filters its way to the bottom, corporately speaking, it involves three or four tiers and you need to speak to the proper person on the tier that is responsible.

Hope that made some kind of sense.

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