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There is no difference in high cost areas accept shipping into these areas. In the mower industry there is an average percentage markup across the board. From maine to california an equipment dealer averages same percentage. Some badboy dealers charge more that suggested retail and get it, thats their biz, but 90% thats the percentage they get anyways. Take a 31hp kawasaki super z hustler for example. 60" deck msrp is $13199. Who have you ever heard of pay that for a super? Nobody right? Average selling price is around 12% off that nationally. I price mine 12% off retail. There will be small difference between dealers if its aged, drawing interest after a year of sitting etc. If they had one basic price the public could see that posted everywhere and make better descisions that way i think. I cant put the price on any of my advertising because another dealer might be selling a hundred more. I cant put the msrp on anything cause its like a magical made up number that will never bring its price in the market so scare people off. Not picking on hustler, there are 60 brands that do this and the standard in the market, but the parts at their msrp are right in line and we all sell for that (or add to if we dont like markup).
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