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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post

Do you have contracts with your subs specifying payment agreements etc etc.? Sorry don't mean to hijack the thread.
yes, we have a contract for each sub on every job. It specifies a number a things, most importantly that the sub carries workers comp for every representativee his company has/ on the job site, they take full responsibility for every representative they bring out. We use the word "representative" so that even if he sends his wife out to bring him a part and she gets injured, my insurance is not liable. The contract states other things such that we must approve any and all changes in design or materials. Spells out the agreed upon time frame and how delays caused by us, them or other subs will be handled.

Payment structure is also spelled out in the contract. That all depends on the scope of the work and the contractor doing it. Some contractors get paid 100% at completion, some get 50% at delivery of materials and the rest at completion or draws as they continue to do the work. Others get a portion of the pay when they start and then get a percentage every couple weeks until we are paid in full.
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