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Originally Posted by retrodog View Post
Other thing that makes me mad is volume discount. If a scag dealer sells 50 mowers a year they get a better pricing bracket. So if i picked up scag, my customer could drive an hour away to rockwall and save 5% on their machine. In my eyes as a dealer considering the product, why dont they just let rockwall take care of this entire region and give them a 10% discount to help with shipping. Stupidest decision ever. I am just glad i didnt like the demoes more than what i got cause i would be fussing the whole
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I have a few dealer friends and typically they are given a territory (per say). But volume discounts are always going to be in place, and they should be. If you don't want them, and would like all dealers to pay the same price, then what you are suggesting is similar to socialism.
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