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Originally Posted by greg8872 View Post
yeah I went geek and started rambling
I agree with Greg.

Originally Posted by headz77 View Post
I use Squarespace for my site. I previously used 1&1. Squarespace makes it fairly simple to build a very attractive site at a reasonable price. The support is excellent. All the "builders" have issues. From the research I have done, they have the least.
I agree with Headz.

Spend some time and search the forum here and you'll find a ton of advice on these topics. While the search by sub-forum on lawnsite is okay, I find that using google and the search operator of " keywords" is better. If you search: hosting, wix, squarespace, builder, etc you'll find some good info and probably notice a recurring theme or two.

Cost-wise? Decent host will probably be $5-$15/month. You're typical, non business critical site doesn't require much, so find a respected host and you'll be fine. Site builders, throw in another $10-$20/month, but that almost always includes hosting. Of them all, squarespace does a better job than most. The key is in recognizing that site builders only can do so much for you. It's a matter of rolling up your sleeves, learning about any customization you might want to make, and understanding that SEO and getting your site found are not really their strong suits. No matter who, or what, builds it for you, getting you found is the real work, something that it takes people awhile to realize.

Today's Cheesy Analogy:
It's like buying a car but not having it fueled. If people know where it is, we can come look at it. Or, you can get it fueled up, and you can come to us. (I swear this analogy works. lol)
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