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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Darryl, which post are you responding to? You didn't quote it.

Never heard of a "prebid meeting" in the residential world. Most residential contractors don't even fool with "bidding". We submit a proposal with intentions of turning out a top notch product and leaving with a profit. In the commercial world they have "prebid meetings" and yes, they "bid". And the margins are much much smaller. Usually the quality is not there.

Just curious which post you're referencing?
Sorry...was kind of responding to the OPs orignial post and replies in general I guess. I agree that in the residential world a pre-bid meeting with multiple contractors is not the norm. But I could see a homeowner who thinks he's "important" and has limited time to have more than one contractor there at the same time. Everyone knows that pencils get sharper when there's competition involved. It's hard to be yourself in a situation like that though.

If the homeowner made it clear up front that there would other contractors and that it was a competitive bid situation it would be different than showing up and finding another contractor there. A homeowner who sents everything to bid and shows no loyalty and desire to build a relationship probably isn't the best others have all comes down to the lowest bid with them.
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