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We get calls like that all the time. Often it's when we're doing a landscape remodel on a property and the people ask me to fix their lighting system or extent their lighting system into the new landscape that we're building. Aside from the fact that their tiny transformer doesn't have any room to add more fixtures even if I wanted to, I always take it as an opportunity to explain to them the differences between a professional outdoor lighting system and the one they have currently. I go through and explain the difference in illumination, lumen output, quality of the fixtures and transformer, lifespan of the lamps, our timer system (astro) vs. the one they have now that they have to change every 30 days, warranty of the fixtures, etc. I get them excited about what a real system would look like and then they will usually say, "Wow. That sounds great. How much more would we be talking about to get that kind of system then?" And then I explain that because it's a totally different kind of system, it obviously comes with a much higher price. And we'll go into some numbers a little. Often times, we'll end up replacing their old system with a brand new one. So sometimes it can be a good opportunity. But other times they just won't even consider spending thousands of dollars on lighting. Just not the right fit. I just move on then.

On another note, you'll be happy to know I joined the AOLP. Me and Paul Welty of Innovative Lighting here in Portland are in the process of starting a chapter here. No, I don't think I'll be going to the conference this year. One step at a time..... But I did enter a few photos in the contest too. Feel good about joining. I think it was a good decision. Lighting has become a really big part of our business in the last few years and I feel we can really benefit by being part of the AOLP.
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