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Originally Posted by Superscapes View Post
Rodney, How do you like using the box trucks to spray out of? What are you using to get the zspray in the back of the box or are you guys using a trailer?
I actually have the box truck for sale at this time. It is totally awesome to spray out of. We love it!!!!

I have a sweet deal on it if you are looking for one. I am pretty much giving it away (or feel like it).

If you look at my pics under the profile you will see pics on the ramp we built.

Z's go up the ramp awesome but the GL's don't go up the ramp as well because they are a little lighter.

The main problem is about 30% of our business is seeding/renovation work and we need a truck that can be used for both seeding and spraying. So I am replacing the box truck with a pickup or possible dump truck.

If we were only spraying and didn't seed I would probably have all box trucks.
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