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So you don't have a clue what chemical to apply but you know for sure whatever it is your going to apply it bi-weekly???? Wowser

Originally Posted by zackvbra View Post
I do lawn care and landscaping for a living, but I do not spray because I am not licensed to, therefore I dont know much about herbicides.

I am doing some work at my own home. Trying to get rid of the weeds out of my landscape beds using herbicides, but I dont want to risk it killing the desirables.

I have read about "buffer zones" around desirable plants when spraying herbicides, to prevent it from penetrating the desirables and killing them.

My question is, what exactly are these buffer zones and how to I apply/install them?

and btw, I am going to be applying these herbicides biweekly until I get the weeds under control. not sure if that makes a difference or not, just wanted to let yall know that just in case it matters.

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