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I have only been installing the Design Pro LED fixures for 2 years now. But I have yet to see any problems like you describe.

Perhaps that's a problem with their older line of fixtures, I don't know. Or maybe it's just too early to tell on the ones we've installed. All I can say is I've been really impressed with the ones we've installed over the last two years. They are really well build in terms of the lamps and circuitry being protected and as far as I can tell so far, the finish is great too.

I can only guess that if this was a big problem, they would have fixed it by now. Most companies over time realize their failures and take measures to fix them going forward. Just from what I know of Kichler and seeing how well they test their products at their headquarters, I'd be very surprised if they didn't know about this problem and have already fixed it.

Are these older fixtures you're referring to? Or newer ones? Do you have any photos? Examples? You seem to have seen a lot. So I figured maybe you took at photo at some point.
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