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Originally Posted by Dan85 View Post
Congrats on the new purchase. We have three backhoes, but the one that I get for snow is our Case 580. It's a great machine and I absolutely love pushing snow with it, I much prefer this to any of the loaders we run during the winter. Two wheel drive works fine for pushing, rarely do I put it into four wheel.

On our machine, it's difficult to clip the boom back into place - you can't get it to swing back far enough. One trick one of the other operators taught me is to find something to push the extendahoe against to help give the boom those few extra inches to get it to lock into place. Anyways, figured I would mention it for whatever it's worth.
Dan i cannot belive you just said that. I took the boom out to dig And i cant get it back in. Its in my yard still like that.. I have a friend coming tomm to help me put it back in.. Let me ask you something what if there is no place to push the extendahoe against now what?? Lol
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