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Originally Posted by rjtlawncare View Post
That's all good, I just didn't want to buy all new gaskets and valve stems and then come to find that the guide in the head has moved and THEN BUY A HEAD AND GO THROUGH THE HOLE PROCESS OVER. Just Sayin. Aren't these Kawasaki's know to overheat and move GUIDES??

Also when installing new valves do you have to lap them to the seat/head??OR are they set/lapped and ready to go?? If you do lap them to a head and that head is no good can you then lap them to another head OR DO YOU NEED to get new valves?

Once again thanks to restro and all he does for people on this site. Without your time and commitment alot of people in this industry would left in the dark. You are a great American
You can re-use the lapped valves, no problem! You can use a red magic marker( I use machinist's blue dye) to color the lapped in band and just lightly lap again. I don't think I would re-use the valve stem seal though.
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