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Originally Posted by mrsops View Post
Dan i cannot belive you just said that. I took the boom out to dig And i cant get it back in. Its in my yard still like that.. I have a friend coming tomm to help me put it back in.. Let me ask you something what if there is no place to push the extendahoe against now what?? Lol
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Haha, well then I guess you'll just have to boom it all the way back and ride around like that for a while - it should actually stay pretty good because that's what I did my first couple of times out and it really didn't float down much.

I'll be curious to see what suggestions your friend has to offer (as well as anyone else on the forum), maybe I'm missing the trick all together?

Originally Posted by Bleed Green View Post
is the snow pusher that much more effective for pushing snow than the backhoe's shovel?
Most definitely. Think about the vast volume difference between a 10' pusher and the bucket.

Here's mine in all her glory:

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