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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
probably more then the top 1% depends on what type of doctor too, but if i'm not mistaken most doctors well the ER doctors i know take in about 30,000 a month before taxes, I'm sure there are a lot of landscapers, and fert guys ,and tree service guys that do that no issues.
my buddies usually have a few thousand in there pocket, they've been doing that for close 14 years now, never got robbed not say it won't ever happen but they too are more stout then the average guy so that may deter thieves a bit plus the money is in their front pocket making it a little harder to get.
If I or one of my guys made 30k in wages I'd be bankrupt pretty quick. It's funny, we walked into a dealership a few years ago and two salesman wouldn't give us the time of day, one guy came out, asked what we needed and took care of us. We bought a brand new truck 30 min later. I just laughed when we walked past the other salesman, we've done this twice and it makes me laugh how people judge how we look and assume we are tire kickers.
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