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Guy got jumped by 3 muggers in bad part of Atlanta one night....and fought like his life depended on it. In fact, he fought so hard that he almost got the best of all 3 of them...but they finally beat him down.

So there he lays on the filthy ground, beaten to a pulp, bloodied all over, some teeth knocked out, and an ear almost ripped off.... and the 3 muggers weren't looking much better.

The muggers rolled him from side to side checking all of his pockets, and were shocked that they could only find one dollar and thirty seven dollar and thirty seven cents!

The leader of the pack of muggers stood there amazed.... looking at the guy on the ground, and not believing how hard he fought. The mugger said, do you mean to tell me that you fought us the way you did for a lousy dollar and thirty seven cents!? You could have gotten killed! Look at the shape you're in....why in the HELL would you do that?

The guy on the ground looked up, wiped the blood out of his eyes, spit a tooth out said, "I thought ya'll were after the two thousand dollars in my shoe".................
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