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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Depends on the herbicide--root activity--pre emergent--post emergent--
non-selective--grass herbicide?
Risky--if you have minimal experience. Perhaps cover the good shrubs with a plastic tarp to protect them while you spray.
Some situations require repeated hand removal.
Im going to use a triclopyr and fluroxypier premix, which is a selective post emergent. I know what chemical to use, I know how to read labels and research and talk to the guys at my garden store, but I was just wanting to know what a buffer could be, because the guys at the garden store where i buy everything didnt know, the only spraying they are experienced with is spraying lawns, not in landscape beds.

but i have a large area i need sprayed, with 12 desirable shrubs, otherwise i would handpull the weeds. these two beds are at the edges of my property and they are about 6k sq ft in all

So would you say i could tie a plastic bag or something around the desirables while i spray? because its not a large line up of shrubs, they are pretty far apart.
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