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Seems as if everyone is done for the season the thread gets almost no updates in Dec. I only just pasted the halfway point in our fall this week. Already planning some major upgrades for next season. I want to build a one piece box that can be mounted in a very short time frame. Now I build 2 wooden boxes and with the crew changes and the wear and tear issues wood boxes have it can take an entire day to build one despite them already being prefabricated. So either steel or aluminum but I have never welded aluminum so that will be a learning experience. Also no idea how id lift them on and off I'll either need to set it up for forks on a tractor which I do not own or corner hooks for some sort of winch/crane that I also do not own yet. Add in the desire to take my 20 hp vacs and make them into trailer hitch mounted swing aways. Needless to say I am going to have some interesting pics next season. But I will be happy to retire the old gmc from leaf duty and use the ram 4500s for what they are built for moving very heavy loads.
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