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Originally Posted by Jimslawncareservice View Post
i remember that one from a long time ago. i wonder why he used the adapter. it showed him plugging it into a 3 prong outlet. i think he may have touched the fence the same time the frayed wires did.

one way this could have been avoided was hired professionals to the job. i live in a town with around 25000 people. it seems like every year there are 25- 30 people injured doing somthing that they dont either have proper tools or know how.
On the Rescue 911 Wikia entry regarding this episode, the reason John used the 2-wire adapter on the extension cord was due to the extension cord's 3-wire plug being wobbly. And if that was the case, he should've bought a new 3-wire extension cord. That would have helped.

Again, John should never have touched that fence with his other hand... both hands should remain on the tool. And if he needed to do something that he had to take one hand off the trimmer, turn the tool off first.

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