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I use the 580 SM (series 1 I guess you call it) in the Army, replaced the SEE Truck for those that where equipment operator's. Its been a awesome machine other than some of the Army modifcations I.E. the cab.

Easiest way to get the bucket to lock, and it will freak you out at first and some practice with it. 1/2 to full throtle, bring the the arm back all the way, lower it about 6 inches, pull the stick back all the way, right when it reaches that apex before the arm bounces push the stick forward. Its tricky to explain, and its alot easier to just sit next to someone and walk them threw it.

If you need any help with anything else feel free to ask, I went through Case's factory training on that machine when our unit picked them up.

Sorry KSSS its no longer power tan, but power drab?????

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