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Originally Posted by BigFish View Post
So the broken side had a snap ring in place,no?
And the good side did not have the snap ring, letting the pin do its thing, right?
Id be lying to you..... if I told you that diagnosing that engine didn't push the limits of my technical least until I disassembled it...
The clue here is that there wasn't any knocks or noises most of the time...just intermittently..
At first glance I figured ...just like you guys..that the wristpin slid out and pivoted..causing the break in pin boss opposite the gouge in the cylinder..
If that had been the would have broken both pin bosses , or at least damaged the other one bad enough to give the piston a consistant knock or rattle..

Failure Analysis is only as good as your experience or reference materials..
The two I have presented so far in this thread....are not in anything I have read...
The more I know...the more I know that I don't know....
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