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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
it's not giving them away. like I said you come here and try and get $45 for one of my $25 properties. they'd laugh in your face.

you can't force people to pay a certain rate. that's the market in here for a reason. I'm sure if we could raise the market we would have done it already.

my $25 yards are generally done with a push mower and take between 15-30 min start to finish.
No you can't force people to pay a certain rate but if EVERYBODY charged a min $45 then they would have no choice, the other service companies do it why can't we? we're all to fixed on the idea we're not worth it. Most of us are killing ourselves for pennies on the dollar. For $25 I'm there for 10-15 mins, with two ZTR's that would be mo n go only.

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