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Originally Posted by shovelracer View Post
However even if you tell them this straight they will not appreciate it like you intend. ...and anyone they refer will expect similar pricing.
anyone i've ever let talk me down has turned out to be a pita customer that demands 10x what customers that pay full boat expect.

one in particular posted a somewhat negative review on angie's list after i quit taking her 10+ phone calls per day to ask me the exact same thing over and over, just in a different way, and expecting me to talk to her for 45 minutes. in the review she also mentioned that i came down $50 on her bill once. that is not something that i want going around.

it seems ironic but it's been my experience in 37 years of doing business that the people who want to talk me down are the ones that later make unreasonable demands and neglect to pay their bills.
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