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Originally Posted by Zachary McCollum View Post
I have a customer needing help with flooding in her back yard and she wants some french drains put in. Any advice on how to do that would be much appreciated! And how to price. Thanks.

Zachary McCollum
About 75% of landscapers are rookies when it comes to whether French drains should be installed. Note that I'm not even saying "rookies" about the installation, but the emphasis is on the "whether" part.

I continually tweak a Portland drainage page that tries to convey a few aspects about this stuff in case home owners plan to tackle some on their own, but its surprising how many consultation calls come my way.

And in many cases, promises can't be made 100%. Because so many things can be hidden from view under the ground. I'd say that compacted surface soil, including sod soil compaction, ranks among the most frequent problem.

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