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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
I've heard of those things happening with banks before but I've wondered how it happened? maybe I'm just lucky, I've always had my bank call me if there were any issue's, but I guess it could get by them. I only have two guys and myself so payday loans aren't an issue, I would probably see it differently if I were in your shoes, didn't mean to sound so harsh about it. I'm going to buy my crew leader a pair of good work boots for Christmas he's always complaining about his feet hurting and doesn't have the money to get a good pair of boots so I can see where your coming from on a small scale. It's such a fine line sometimes trying to be the boss yet show some sympathy for the guys, I'm still learning on that front, I was a DI in the Army so compassion isn't my best trait.
I'd hate to work for you! I can see it now. A worker trips and falls and cuts his hand open and is bleeding all over the place and you tell him, get back to work soldier, we don't have time for your little azz to be bleeding. Now drop down and give me 20. j/k
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