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Originally Posted by Kewadin View Post
I found a old thread '06 with the same unit and symptoms. Their problem turned out to be excessive wear on the cam lobes. I tried to gage the lift of the valves and the exhaust seemed very small,the intake seemed ok. I opened the cover and pulled the camshaft and the exhaust cam lobe was only about a third as high as it should be, ground right down. The fuel pump lobe also showed wear but the intake looked like new? The exhaust lifter didn't't show wear either. I bought a new one and will try to get it all back together next week and see what happens.
Here's what I do when installing cams ( if I have the time).
Get a tube of moly type assembly lube. Most speed shops carry it.
Use carb spray to degrease the cam lobes. Blow dry it .
Warm the cam up slightly in the toaster oven or use a propane torch ( optional) The heat opens up the "pores" in the iron.
Spread some lube on the lobes and work it in with yer bare fingers.
The moly wears into the cam and keeps it from wearing.

I also use the moly lube on valve stems.
It ain't rocket science! far.

'Course if yer house has more wheels than yer truck...
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