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Originally Posted by RAlmaroad View Post
You should be able to buy a nylon threaded1"X3/4"barb fitting at Lowes or Tractor supply for your tank. On the outlet end after pump will probably have a 3/4" ball threaded valve cut off. After that install a 3/4" thread X 1/2" barb to accommodate your hose. Use pipe dope for your threads on nylon and tape on brass.
I'm not sure if I understand correctly. On the pump there is one outlet. It's 3/4" threaded (female). I will be installing a Tee made out of brass at this location. The Tee will enable me to run a hose from my pump to my tank and another hose from my pump to the hose reel. To regulate how much of the pressure goes to the reel, I will be installing a bypass/regulator on the top of the tank where the hose that comes from the pump will connect to. I need to know what size hose to use on the inlet side of the pump and also what size hose to use on the outlet side (where the Tee will be installed).
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