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Originally Posted by coopers View Post
Well said. Right when you feel the stick is done coming back at you, you push forward...nicely...and it'll lock. Very easy to do. Watch this youtube link below at 7:12 and you can see where the hoe wants to stop coming up. I've seen some idiots slam the hoe back because they jam the lever forward thinking the faster they do it (and the higher the throttle) the better...good way to break the latch/lock. You'll get good enough at it that you won't have to bring it up, then lower it then bring it back. You just bring it up and latch it and go...just like the link below.

Nice hoe btw. Nice to see a case hoe on this forum. Now don't forget to update with pics on the job.
Thanks for all the help guys.. My buddy showed me how to do it in 5 seconds
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