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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
No you can't force people to pay a certain rate but if EVERYBODY charged a min $45 then they would have no choice, the other service companies do it why can't we? we're all to fixed on the idea we're not worth it. Most of us are killing ourselves for pennies on the dollar. For $25 I'm there for 10-15 mins, with two ZTR's that would be mo n go only.
well clearly most in my market feel $45 as a min is excessively high for our neck of the woods.

personally I agree. like I said if you gave me an estimate of $45, I'd laugh in your face and tell you to take a hike. even if most others gave me the same price. for $45 I'll either do it myself or let it grow if I couldn't physically do it. or you can always find a neighbor kid to do it for it cheap.

I'd rather have a scrub knock it down for $25 than pay some some LCO almost twice that much just so it looks nice.

I'll never have a min higher than $25. I'd go out of business before I'd do that. $45 is ridiculously high for the yards I charge min no matter what the market is. for $25 they get edged, trimmed, mowed and blown.
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