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Originally Posted by mmrunyan1 View Post
After much research with the lawn care companies, over 100 people in my area, and various others, there is a clear opening for a business to serve residential customers with small to average size lawns. People are having difficulty getting a company to service their small to average lawns. My lawn is average size for the area, so I checked this out for myself, and indeed, there is a problem finding company that provides professional quality service on an ongoing basis to the average homeowner in my area.
My question is this:
Would this niche be enough to build a business on in this industry? Is this a specialty in that could be utilized? Has anybody done this and been successful?
What all services should be offered at this level, more than just mow and go?

I have seen various opinions that small jobs are the bread and butter of the industry, as well as opinions that the majority of clients should be businesses.
So, any and opinions and advice are welcome.
I would say this must be related to your location.

I would say most of my lawns are small to average size lawns. I pretty much do residential lawns. offering anything from full service to just mow, trim, blow and go.

most of the lawns in my neck of the woods are small to average size in the first place. usually the large stuff is commercial properties. so you can't really make a niche out of doing small to average size properties as most LCO's have these sizes.
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