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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
Exactly! that's why I want to push for a state licensing test, and force these guys out of business, as many as possible anyway, I know you'll never get rid of all of them but at least some would go away, TOO MUCH COMPETITION is just as bad as not enough.
Yep, exactly what this and every industry needs. More government interference. You should do some research on how a market balances itself when left alone. When there is too much competition and not enough work, it forces out the weak because they can not last through the times of low work. After they get forced out, competition goes away and prices raise. When prices raise there becomes a void, a low price void and that is again filled. It is a cycle that occurs when people don't manipulate the market.

But you go ahead and tell the government you are ok with them coming in and telling you how to run your business and I will continue to fight government intrusion into my life as well as yours.
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