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Originally Posted by Gilbert503 View Post
My wife does all my invoices, writes my emails, checks the mail and enters in any payments in the system. She also answers the office phone. I do all the sales, checking in on the customers that have an issue and also do some labor. It has worked out great. It takes a lot stress off of my back.
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You're a fortunate man. I'd be ecstatic if that was me.

Dreaming now but ...Add to the list some: website maintenance, desktop publishing, implementation of ideas, dreams and plans. Wouldn't even have to be fit enough to pitch hit on rare occasion and do physical work, or be able to hook up trailer to truck and actually drive it with some level of confidence.

Seriously even her own actual regular job with a few benefits would be great and only tepid moral support would be great.

Okay listen up ladies....... All guys really need is someone to share their hopes and dreams with. Without that it is a complete uphill battle.

My current status is all about stability for my son. Very very very few men would of traveled my road these last 4-5 years.
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