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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
I wonder how any of us are as a customer. If we need a furnace or A/C installed are we choosing the expensive well known company or not? Are we paying full price for our mowers to keep the great small dealer alive or taking huge discounts to support the huge dealer but get a "sweet" deal. Are we gettin parts online to save money rather than support the dealer?

I'm all for pricing high and making money, I try to do it all the time. But I've also noticed people on this board complain about customers who want a low price and quality but then crab about how the dealer won't cut them a deal on a new Exmark or whatever mower of choice...........

Not directed at anyone just a thought.

And yes picking the right customer is important.
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Me personally, I don't go to the dealer and ask for deals on equipment. However, I'm not giving the dealer $10 more for a part I can get for $10 less, especially when most dealers around here suck. My mechanic(auto) is $90/hr. which is probably higher than most but he is honest. So, it depends. I will pay more for better service, but I won't pay 100% more for a part just bc the dealer is selling it.
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