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Originally Posted by sideliner View Post
Flail mower has 1 major disadvantage over brushhog mower. Initial purchase cost. They are usually about 2x more expensive. I have a PakFlail by Rears mfg in Eugene Oregon. It was about $9000. It has cut about 2500 acres is ten years old and has had almost no repair costs. Definitely a great mower that I will buy again. Flails are a lot safer to use because the do not throw things like a rotary mower. My brushhog mower has broken several car windows, dented a few fenders and put a rock clear into someones house. Through the siding, sheeting, insulation and sheet rock. I rarely use rotary now for these reasons. The flail also cuts better. I do have skid coupler on front and highly suggest you get one.
thanks for the info do you have any type of snow plow or pusher for yours?
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