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i have a 96 7.3 as does my buddy, nothing but great work horses, my buddy also has a 6.0 any truck that sits is going to have issues, I have never heard of a truck that gets driven 5 days a week needing a turbo, my truck is coming on 272,000 miles within the next few days still on the stock turbo, still has the original injectors, still has the stock head gaskets and it has been worked hard since day one, and its probably equally if not even cleaner then most trucks 10 years newer with half the mileage. 6.0's do need the heads studded with arp headstuds and the egr deleted, but once you do that they are good to go, and have plenty of power, add an sct tuner and put in the race tune and you will see 13-14mpg towing 14,000lbs, they really have done a lot with trucks and tuning since the 7.3 the 6.4 is even better, right there next to the 6.7 cummins. the ram trucks have come a long way too, i guess the transmissions are fixed, and can be tuned with a programmer to hold 700hp without being built, and the the motors are able to reach almost 700hp with a tune and dpf delete which is nice to hear. buy whatever you can afford, but going with a 7.3 f450 should be a sure way to make lots of money, especially if it has been well maintained which the key to anything lasting. Its also very important it was sitting a lot. otherwise things may have seized up may need some extra attention. so the main thing to look for is mileage over 150,000 for that truck which would still almost deter me from buying it because it seems on the low side. I bought my 96 last april with 238,000 with no hesitation, miles are good thing as long as proper maintenance was done, only time low mileage is good is if you are looking at something 2-3 years old then you might want something with under 20 or 30,000 miles but you will also pay a lot more for it when the same truck for 8,000 or even 3500 will do the job just as good.
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