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Personally I never go with the cheapest stuff, that's why I deplore Wal-mart it's nothing but junk they sell, it's been over a decade since I last stepped foot in one, take one look at wal -mart and you will see what is wrong with this country. I hate these people that all they look at is cheap cheap cheap, I don't mind getting a deal but if I have to pay a little more to get what I want I will. I normally go with the mid range service or product it's usually the best value, I guess that's why I set my prices in the middle of the local market, I'm not the cheapest but not the most expensive either, just good quailty at a fair price. I keep forgetting that most of you guys on here are mow n go guys, we're not in that market, we're full service that's why $25/cut wouldn't work for us.
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