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I see what you're saying now. Here's a picture of what I'm working with. I built this rig from the ground up myself.

Used 12 volt Hanney reel with 300ft of 1/2" 600 psi hose---- $300
50 gallon tank and steel bands shipped from Plasticmart----- $217
C-channel and angle iron from my girlfriends work (fab shop)-Free
79cc Predator engine from Harbor Freight shipped-----------$116
Regulator/bypass, 3/4 bulkhead,fittings at TSC-------------$60

That's it so far. I still have to go buy my 4-roller pump which is about $100 at TSC. Still have to buy the 5/8 to 5/8 engine/pump shaft coupler and whatever I'll need to shim the pump to the correct engine shaft height as well. I'll either mount it on the opposite side of the skid as the reel or directly under the reel. The reason the skid extends beyond the tank is because I planned on adding another 50 gallon tank. I haven't ordered it yet though and after installing this one I'm not sure there's enough room for it.
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